The Three CH Phonics Sounds

The Three CH Phonics Sounds

This post is about the Three CH Phonics Sounds. Did you know that the pronunciation of many blends in the English language aren’t as straightforward as they seem.  The ‘Ch’ blend actually has three different sounds. The most common is the ‘ch’ heard in ‘chip’, then there’s the ‘ch’ heard in ‘anchor’ and the ‘ch’ heard in ‘chef’. Because of this, I created this booklet – The Three Sounds of ‘CH’.  

How to Teach About the Three CH Phonics Sounds

These word types are taught using illustrated silly short stories, word lists and examples in context.  Each student can then use the word search and crossword puzzles provided to strengthen his/her word recognition skills and finally, write his or her own silly story using the ch words given.  It is both a tutorial and a practice booklet.  The final pages contain a CH word quiz and an answer key for the three types of CH words. Great for Grades 3 – 4!

Get here it at Nyla’s Crafty Teaching, TPT, for instant download after purchase.

This unit about the three CH phonics sounds is aligned to the Common Core State Standard CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RF.3.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.

The Three CH Phonics Sounds 1

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The Three CH Phonics Sounds 3

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