Free CVC Word Wheel

Free CVC Word Wheel 1

Are you looking to try out a Free CVC Word Wheel for phonics practice for your students? This word wheel will help students to merge the beginning consonant sound to the vowel-consonant ending in these one-syllable words. It is great for beginners who can identify letter sounds but need practice to merge the sounds together to form words. I love to make learning resources that combine thinking, creativity and action for the students. It’s all about hands-on learning for me.

Free CVC Word Wheel for Phonics

The word wheel has colorful illustrations of words in the wheel and each wheel uses each of the vowels a, e, i, o and u, as the middle sounds. The illustrations and colors chosen are varied to appeal to both boys and girls. Simple instructions for assembly are included. You can download this free printable word wheel template from my Nyla’s Crafty Teaching TpT store.

It is a free sample of my 13 CVC WHIRLY WORD WHEELS which is a fun activity for the class to practice different CVC words.

Free CVC Word Wheel 3

More Word Wheels for Phonics

I also have a free word wheel for the CH digraph words. It comes with a foldable worksheet for tracing and writing in the CH words to label the pictures given.

All of my other word wheels are priced and you can find the complete collection here from my TpT collection. You get to download them instantly upon purchase and they can be used for years because you’ll have lifetime access to the files. Some are listed below:

CVC Word Wheels

Silent E Word Wheels

GH and GHT Word Wheels

Free CVC Word Wheel 3

I hope you enjoy using my free CVC word wheel!

If you need help with getting your students to love phonics and reading, check out this blog post about the best hands-on activities for spelling and reading that you can develop for your class. These are ideas I got from other teachers and if they work for other classrooms, they could work for yours too.

Free CVC Word Wheel 7

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