Free Fraction Strips Template

These are just a few of the stuff I create when I have the time to spare.  I use them in centers for my class.

Fraction Strips – The students cut them up and mix and match different pieces to solve addition of common fractions, mixed numbers etc.

Rectangular Area Models and Strip Cut-outs


Circular Fraction Area Models and Sectors

See the fraction strips below? To make them, all I needed was a printer, assorted colors of card stock paper and regular white paper, a pair of scissors or a guillotine, clear tape, clear adhesive paper (or laminating machine) and my Free Fraction Strips Template

Fraction bars

Just click here to download from TPT.

If you are short on time, I have ready-made color coded Fraction Strips for Unit Fractions, Percents and Decimals. Just Print!

You may also be interested in this blog post about fraction picture books. Click on the picture below to see all of the suggested books.

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  1. Stacie

    Thanks for sharing this, Nyla! I love these. We will be doing fractions soon…a unit I always look forward to. 🙂 Nice blog you have here, btw!


  2. Kim @ The Learning Hypothesis

    Love these! Came over from Math Monday.

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