Hard and Soft Water Experiment in my Class…

Hard and Soft Water Experiment in my Class... 1

What a splash we had last week! Our science lab – Lathering hard and soft water – was really fun. We live on an island so we have access to rain water, sea water, river water, spring water and tap water 🙂 I gave each student a collection list of water samples to collect from their neighborhoods and they brought back to much. You should have seen my class, bottles were everywhere and everyday, parents kept dropping in to leave more bottles of some kind of water. It was crazy! We started off with equal volumes of each water sample with three drops of dish-washing liquid in each.  After shaking them in unison, the students measured and recorded the height of the suds in each bottle to determine how hard or soft each sample is. They did several batches of this and after they were done some even tried to shake up the sea water sample to get the suds to increase and were so amazed to see that it couldn’t rise by much. It made me smile to see their curiosity.

Hard and Soft Water Experiment in my Class... 3

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  1. Queen De

    I was looking for an experiment to do with my standard 2 class. As I began reading I realised that it sounded very familiar. When I scrolled down to your profile I saw that you too are a graduate of the UTT. I felt proud!

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