My favorite Things

Here are a few of My Favorite Things. They are always in my handbag or my drawer.

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  • My Glasses! Or if you prefer, my spectacles… I’ve been using reading glasses for the past six years and let me tell you, it’s a life saver! Sure, it felt strange at first, (I didn’t think any frame suited my face!), but now I am a proud eye-frame wearer. With all of the books that I have to mark, it really helps my poor eyes, plus I get to use it to guilt my students into writing legibly! They really wouldn’t want to see me wearing a thinker lens…

  • Erasable Pens. These save me from having to use correction ink. I actually learned about these from my students! They already got it as it came out on the market. Erasable pens have always been around but the ones my students got erase so perfectly clean! So I had to have a few of my own.
  • Wet wipes and paper towels! My class always has spills, every single day. Paper towels are handy for these spills which can range from a juice spill at lunch time to a major science lab spill. Would you believe that only yesterday, I had to deal with a nail polish spill? (Which was caused by the boys in my class, mind you… Don’t ask!)

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  1. Hallebose

    Wet wipes👍

  2. Unknown

    I love those pens, I found them by accident and totally want all the colors, but they are hard to find. I'm going to have to go straight to pilot for all those colors.

  3. Teacher Nyla

    Thank you Glitterkid for the tip!

  4. Glitterkid

    Don't use those pens then laminate the page! The heat makes the ink disappear.

  5. Teacher Nyla

    The Liebster Award! Thank you CacheyMama!

  6. Teacher Nyla

    Well Randy Sue, the ones shown in the picture are the ones I use (and they are the only type available here though I've seen another type online). They are pilot pens, this particular model is called Frixion, the science behind it seems to be that the friction of actually erasing causes heat, and heat is what makes the ink disappear. The base of each pen has a built in eraser that does not wear down. They really are great, you'll love them! – Nyla.

  7. Anonymous

    Nyla – Erasable pens??? Who makes them? I have never seen them before!

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