Test Item Creation – It’s That Time Again…

Test Item Creation - It's That Time Again... 1

During the coming week, I’ll be smack dab in the middle of  testing season.  There’s something about creating test items that I enjoy. It’s tedious, but at the same time I like the sequential nature of it and using different methods of getting students to perform at different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. The only things that are holding me back from completing it are my household chores!

At the start of every school term, I have these grand plans of creating my test items for each topic as I teach it so that as the term progresses, I’ll have my own custom created bank of questions and so forth to chose from.  Yeah right! It’s a great plan but it has never seen fruition due to… getting caught up in the term.  I still hope to one day achieve such an organised system but for now, I’ll be burning the midnight oil for a few more nights…

I am curious about how other teachers prepare their tests… do you have any grand systems in place?

Test Item Creation - It's That Time Again... 3

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