Simple and Free Butterfly Crafts

Preschool butterfly craft

Free spring crafts How to make a butterfly

These are so easy to make! Just give each of your students one sheet of colored paper and a lollipop. Children working in pairs must each have a different color of paper.

Here are the steps for the students:

  1. Fold your paper in half.
  2. Draw a large heart and cut it out so that you have two identical hearts.
  3. Wrap and glue the pointy bases of the hearts around the lollipop stick. These will form the butterfly’s wings.
  4. Exchange the remaining scrap of paper you have with your partner. This will give you a new color to add patterns to your butterfly’s wings.
  5. Draw circles on the scrap of paper and cut them out.
  6. Stick the circles on the wings to make spots.
  7. Done!

Older children can add more details of their own to their butterfly like adding eyes and a mouth to the lollipop to make a face. This craft can be used for Valentine’s Day or for Spring. Just chose the right colors of paper for the theme that you are using. Click here to download a free printable Google Doc template of this craft.

You can also download it for free straight from my TpT Store. Just click on the TpT icon below.

Simple and Free Butterfly Crafts 1

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