Collective Nouns Matching Game

Why teach collective nouns

Are you teaching about nouns? I love teaching about nouns, especially collective nouns; here’s why… As teachers, we like to get students into the practice of using collective nouns rather than for them to repeatedly say ‘A group of…’ or ‘A set of…’, etc. We want students to use collective nouns because it makes their writing more descriptive and increases their vocabulary of words. Students like it too because they are so literal and therefore easy to remember e.g. a swarm of bees. Also, my students like the fact that some of them sound a bit silly, like this one: A gaggle of geese!

I made a set of Collective Noun Matching Cards for Animals, People and Things for classroom use (or at home).

You can get the whole set at Teachers pay Teachers.

Collective Nouns Playing Cards

See more collective noun printables here.

Collective Nouns Matching Game 1