2D & 3D Shape Games, Activities and Printables

2D and 3D Shape Games, Activities and Printables

2D & 3D Shapes PrintablesDo you teach geometry at grades 3 to 6? I’ve created and compiled my worksheets, games and graphic organizers for my geometry lessons and they are alligned to these CCSS: 2.G.A.1, 3.G.A.1, 5.G.B.3, L.4.4b, L.5.4b This set has eight zipped PDF files which contain activities, games and tutorials about 2D and 3D Shapes. The files included are a 3D ShapeMemory Card Game, a 2D Shape Booklet which includes a matching activity for Polygon prefixes, a 3D Shape book of worksheets and black line masters and a 3D ShapeDominoes Game. It also has a 3D Shape Flash Cards with Venn Diagram Sorting Activity with large Venn Diagram rings for attribute sorting, an Illustrated 3D shape Word Wall set, a 2D Shape Flash Cards with Venn Diagram Sorting Activity and an illustrated Polygon Word Wall set which includes 10 illustrated Polygon word cards.

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3D-shape-matching-game 3D-shape-attribute-sorting-venn-diagram-rings

3D-shapes-definitions-and-pictures Illustrated Polygon Word Wall set - 2D-shapes

3D Shape Posters for nets 3D shape memory game

3D Shape Worksheets and Printables 3D Shape interactive notebook Printables for nets

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Click here, here and here to download and try my free geometry worksheets! The first two are actually samples of my 2D & 3D Shape Bundle (above).