Adjective Activities – Tiered for Positive, Comparative and Superlative Adjectives


These activities incorporate the use of puzzles to reinforce the rules of forming comparative and superlative adjectives from positive adjectives. It includes two games that are perfect for small group center work with 36 adjective puzzle strip and six comparison mats for the six types of adjectives. At the ed of these activity sheets, there is an adjective quiz with an answer key. Here are a few preview clips of this 18 page packet:

Adjective-Activities-for-Comparing-Positive-Comparative-and-Superlative Positive-Comparative-and-Superlative

And pictures…


Adjective-Worksheets-Degrees of Adjectives

You may also be interested in my St. Patrick’s Day themed activity that is similar to this one. It also focuses on the degrees of adjectives using the shape of the shamrock. Click here to see more.

Degrees-of-Adjectives-St-Patricks-Day-printables Positive-comparative-superlative-Adjectives-St-Patricks-Day-activities

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