Free Clip Art for Teachers

Free Clip Art for Classroom Use, Royalty free graphics,

More and more teachers are scavenging the web, searching for free clip art for classroom use. Here’s my list of websites that offer free clip art that teachers can use:

Free Clip art for Teachers

Another great place to find clip art for teachers is at Graphics from the Pond. They have the cutest borders and themes to put quality cuteness into whatever you make – like name tags, Valentine’s Day Cards, etc. Their clip art collection also has priced items but you can click here for the free ones. And the host site Teachers pay Teachers has a ton of free clip art that you must check out! Just click on this link to see the search I did on ‘free pencil clip art’ and see how many cute pencil clip art I found. What ever you need, just type it in the search bar at the top of the TpT page and you will have lot of clip art to choose from.

Free Clip art for TeachersA friend of mine recently found this site  – Sweet Clip Art – and I’m really glad to see that all of the graphics here are free vector graphics! They have many categories of images to choose from, like education, animals, sports, holidays, borders, etc.

Free Clip art for TeachersThis free site – My Cute Graphics – is created specifically for teachers and bloggers, so you should be able to narrow your search in no time to find what you need for you classroom D.I.Y. It also has free coloring pages! Did I mention that these collections are really cute? So cute!

Feel free to check them out! I hope you love these sites as much as I do! You may also be interested in this other tip:

Ten Tips for Laminating your Printables

For more free clip art, check out the suggestions in the comments below this blog post.

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  1. tklgn

    This is a wonderful resource. I like to use images and clipart in my communication to my parents and this will make that a lot easier.

  2. pengtchr

    found your pin, thanks for the info for free goodies, MyCuteGraphics had just what I was looking for!!!!
    Thanks again!

  3. Tiffany

    Thank you for this information! It was really helpful! I had read somewhere that you can't use Microsoft Clip Art…I have a ton of stuff where I use it and I'm remaking all of it. I didn't think that you could use their fonts either? Has anyone else heard this??

  4. Becky

    I was told personally by Microsoft that none of their clip art can be used for profit, so beware of using it to sell.

  5. Wes

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  6. Wes

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  7. Unknown

    Thank you!!! I am new to TpT. Just created 6 products for Speech-Language Pathologists using Microsoft clip art. I started to panic about my legal right to use it and thought I would have to delete my products.

  8. Unknown

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  9. Unknown

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  10. Ms. Jessica

    Another website that is royalty-free is and it has vector images!!! I use it for everything!

  11. Mrs. Full

    My thoughts have turned back to school and I am looking for clipart. I found your blog on Pinterest. clEveR iDeAs -thanks for sharing!

  12. Teacher Nyla

    Patti, it looks like (for now) you'll have to right click on the clip art then save it. I see no other way (at the moment).

  13. Patti Wilson

    How do I download from Sweet Clip Art? I don't see a link to do that?

    Thanks for your help!
    One Class, One Sound

  14. Mrs. Jankord

    Thanks these were very helpful especially the TPT store!

    Mrs.Jankord's Blog

  15. Teacher Nyla

    Pat- the only free one that you can use for commercial use is Microsoft's Clip Art as long as the clip art used does not take up more than 70% of your product. The Graphics by 'Graphics from the Pond' allows for commercial use of their graphics – both the free and the priced graphics.

    1. Unknown

      I just looked at the My Cute Graphics terms of use, because her graphics are very cute :), and she specifically states that you CAN use her graphics on TPT if you credit her somewhere on the product. Yay!!!!

  16. Pat

    So are all the clip art sites mentioned above free for commercial use except Sweet Clip Art?

  17. Unknown

    Just found you from the TT facebook group and am so excited to explore! Thanks for sharing this great post and saving me so much time.

  18. Teacher Nyla

    Yes Jennie, I know of the 3am Teacher. I totally agree! Her creations are really cute!

  19. JD's Rockin' Readers

    Thanks for the information!! I am always looking. Check out The 3am Teacher. She does some great work!! She sells on TpT and has a blog also.
    JD's Rockin' Readers

  20. Tammy

    Thank you, thank you!! 🙂 Been searching for some. You've made my job easier!
    Check out my site at

  21. Sally

    Thanks for sharing this! I'm always looking for free or inexpensive clip art!

    Sally from ElementaryMatters

  22. Lessons, Etc.

    I also forgot to add that Sweet Clip Art does state in its policy that its graphics cannot be used in things that are for sale just so fellow Teachers Pay Teachers sellers are aware.

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