Homographs and Multi-meaning Words Printables

What are homographs and multi-meaning words?

Have you ever been confused about the difference between Homographs and Multi-meaning Words? Well, I have! So I researched it comprehensively to create a few handy tools to help teachers (and students) to understand the each term and how to tell the difference between a homograph and a multiple meaning word.

Homographs and Multi-meaning Words Printables 1

What is a homograph? What are multiple meaning words? The most important thing to stress is that homographs and multi-meaning words are not the same thing. 

Multi-meaning words are single words that can be used for multiple meanings (and are both spelt and pronounced in the same way). Example: orange (color) and orange (fruit).  

Homographs, on the other hand, are not single words that can be used for multiple meanings. They are pairs or groups of entirely different words that happen to share the same spelling. Example: minute (unit of time) and minute (tiny).

When I teach any vocabulary topic, one of the things that I love to use with my students are card games!  So I created a Homograph and Multi-meaning Word memory Game along with definitions, classroom posters, graphic organizers, and a worksheet (includes answer key). In all, it’s a complete package with everything you need to teach about homographs and multiple meaning words. It is available for purchase at TpT. Click here to see a preview!

Homographs and Multi-meaning Words Printables 3

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