My Classroom Needs new Furniture

My Classroom Needs new Furniture 1

I know that most of you are already having a wonderful summer break (despite the heat). Our school terms run differently here. My vacation starts from July 8th to the first week in September. Now, I’m working on correcting test papers and writing up report cards. The only problem is that I cant find my stuff! We had a little mishap last week which has left my classroom in a mess. 

In preparation for our annual graduation ceremony at our school, all of my classroom furniture was moved to facilitate seating accommodations for guests. Unfortunately, my cupboard (which is very old) could not withstand the lifting and shoving. The shelves collapsed and my books were everywhere. My jaw dropped to the floor. As for my filing cabinet, two of the drawers are so baldly jammed that none of the drawers can open. Every time the handymen fix it, it locks up again in a few minutes. I hope to receive a new cupboard and filing cabinet for my classroom in September, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

On a happy note, the graduation was beautiful. Here’s a picture of the graduates!

My Classroom Needs new Furniture 3

My Classroom Needs new Furniture 5

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  1. Stefani

    Oh no!! I hope you're able to get new furniture for your classroom! Just found your blog via Pinterest and am now following you! Enjoy your break! 🙂

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