4 Fun Silent E Word Wheels for Phonics

cvc magic e word list for long vowel sounds

I made these Silent E Word Wheels for phonics upon the request of teachers who teach phonics and have tried my CVC word wheels. Silent ‘e’ is quite difficult for some early readers. This resource makes learning it fun and engaging. This new set has word wheels for the silent ‘e’ cvc words. So words like ‘can’ and ‘kit’ will be transformed into ‘cane’ and ‘kite’ when the silent ‘e’ rolls around.

How to Use the Silent E Word Wheels

You can attach the silent E word wheels to card stock, laminate them, then add them to your literacy centers. They have the right size for small hands. Student can use them during center times and independent learning time. It is great for those students that like hands-on learning.


These word wheels are helpful for repetition of the skill. See them at TpT. 

I made color versions as well as black line versions to use on a copy machine for student use.

4 Fun Silent E Word Wheels for Phonics 1

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4 Fun Silent E Word Wheels for Phonics 3