How to Store your Flash Cards

How to Store your Flash Cards

Classroom flashcards can be stored in different ways. Store and organize your flashcards in old Q-tip containers, flash card cases, pocket charts, storage boxes, stackable containers, or mesh pouches. See how teachers are storing their flash cards in the examples below.

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  • Binder rings: You can use binder rings to store your flascards like the one in the picturs above. They can also be hung on hooks on a bulletin board. I prefer the plastic rings for students.

  • Flashcards Pocket Chart: If you have a ton of flash cards, keep them in a clear pocket chart so that you can easily find the deck you need.

  • Pouches in a Ring Binder for flashcards: I have been doing this for years. I store my flashcards in different ring binders according to subject. Each binder has pouches with the tree binder holes and the flashcards go into the pouches. Bulletin board letters can also be stored in these.


  • Flashcard storage case: This case has color coordinated boxes for flashcards. In the picture above, the teacher uses them for her kindergarten students. The small boxes are easy for them to open and the storage case has slots built in to keep the boxes organized.


  • Store them on your whiteboard or filing cabinet: Use magnetic hooks or magnetic clips to store your flash cards right on your classroom whiteboard.


  • Store flashcards in a greeting card storage box: Storage boxes like these are typically for storing index cards or greeting cards. They have slotted tabs with deep storage that will fit different sizes of flash cards. It comes with a lid and the inner divider tabs can be removed.

  • Clear card-storage boxes: Keep your card flash cards stacked in a clear storage box like these Uno cards. Cut out the original box label and stick in on the inside of the clear box to label it.

  • Mesh zipper bag card storage: This mesh zipper bag is used to keep math manipulatives. It’s big enough cards of different shapes and sizes.


  • Clear storage containers with locking lids: Use some clear stackable storage containers for math game flash cards or any Uno sized flash cards. These containers have snap closure lids.

How to Store Flash Cards

  • Old Q-tip Containers: Did you know that you can use old Q-tip containers to store your flash cards? I also use ones from Johnson&Johnson. They both have the same dimensions and happen to fit my cards perfectly. Ziploc bags can be used too but they can become pierced or torn. The hard plastic containers are the most durable options and you can use it to show your students that you are reusing or recycling in the process. 

You probably already have some at your disposal…

How to Store Flash Cards

Which flashcard storage option do you prefer? See free flashcards here.