Voting and Elections Glossary Cards

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I created these illustrated U.S.A Election Glossary Cards which explain the meanings of more than seventy of the most common U.S.A election words and terms. They can be used at any election season because the clip art used do not relate specifically to any persons who are currently in the run for office this year, yet they still effectively convey the meanings of the terms. This set includes seventy-one cards, which have the colors red, white and blue in keeping with a U.S. patriotic theme. They can be used as flash cards and also for differentiated learning centers. I selected terms that range from familiar to complex so each student can be given a specific set of cards that suits his/her own reading level. Instructions for suggested games that your students can play with these cards are included with the set. This cards are ideal for students in Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5. It is available at here at TeacherspayTeachers can you can click on the ‘Download Preview‘ button to check out the free sample!

Some of the U.S.A election words and terms featured are:

Easy – Election, Ballot, Democrat, Republican, Election,  Bipartisan, Campaign, Candidate, Caucus,

Hard – Bipartisan, Campaign, Candidate, Caucus, Electoral College and Front Runner.

Here are a couple of close-ups from the 71 cards…

Democratic Party, Illustrated Definitions of Election Terms  Republican Party, Illustrated Definitions of Election Terms

Electoral College definition Teaching about the US 2012 Elections

Voting and Elections Glossary Cards 1