Christmas Fun in my Class!

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My students and I had a blast last week (last week of school). I came through on my promise to treat them to a day of Christmas craft. I invited my son’s craft teacher to help me out; she is really talented and makes great stuff. And she got these amazing scratch boards (I didn’t know about them, now I love it), for my students to create their own designs on their custom Christmas cards.

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These are the items we started off with: blank cards (rectangular sheets of card stock folded in half), envelopes for the cards, shape templates, skewers, clear plastic bags and Scratch Art Rainbow Paper. We let half of the class decorate their envelopes with markers and colored pencils while we demonstrated how to trace around the shape cut-out with the skewers to reveal beautiful colors where every line would be. The students loved it! They are so creative, some used the shape cut out of the Christmas Angel or the Christmas Tree and some of the really artistic students didn’t trace with the cut outs at all. Their art work were drawn free hand.

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Each card was already prepared with a rectangular piece of scratch paper glued to the front. We used the black scratch paper with the neon colors underneath the black coat but it also comes in a white coat version as well.

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After the cards were done, we put it one in clear plastic bags for the students to take home for Christmas. The students eagerly showed their cards to every teacher at school. I wish I could be there to see them show them off at home on Christmas Day!

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Click on the picture below to download the Free Christmas Tree and Angel Cut-out Templates from TpT!

Free Angel

Below is another brand of scratch art paper on Amazon.

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  1. ~Stephanie

    I love the idea of putting the stencil on before…so it isn't a free hand thing. Great!

  2. Jen R

    omgosh! I LOVED doing the scratch art when I was a kid!! I don't imagine my mom liked me wasting my crayons- sorry, using my crayons so fast! lol..but I always did them 🙂

    ♥ Jen Ross
    The Teachers' Cauldron

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