How to Write up Student Report Cards

How to Write up Student Report Cards 1

Teachers, let’s face it. No one likes to have to write up report cards. But there are a few things you can do that will make the process an easier one. I do not consider myself to be an authority on the subject, but these are the rules that I’ve developed over the years and they have changed my initial feelings about the task. Use these rules below to guide you when writing up report cards: (see bottom of post for free download)

· Always begin with a positive general statement about the student. (Find something good to say.)

· Briefly state the facts with a gentle tone. Mention any improvements and/or setbacks in terms of the student’s behavior and academic performance.

· Always end it with an encouraging statement. This will encourage the parents to never give up on their child. It’s very comforting for a parent to know that someone else believes in their child the way that they do.

· Keep a list of positive adjectives handy for easy reference.

· Always have more good things to say than bad.

Avoid the use of negative adjectives like lazy, slow, listless or delinquent. Instead, use phrases like ‘John was listless not as attentive as he could have been’, ‘John was lazy did not put his best effort into his school work’, or ‘John has been unusually reserved…’.

List of positive adjectives for describing students:

How to Write up Student Report Cards 3

Writing Report Cards is all about finding the good in every student. Click here to download a free copy of examples that you can use to guide you.

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