12 Free Writing Prompts

Free Letter Writing Prompts

Are you looking for free writing prompts for your students? If got a new free download template for you to use! These are creative writing prompts that I’ve used with my students. Each school term, I would use a few from the bunch. They are great for Grade 3 and Grade 4 classrooms.

Click here to get the free download from my teaching materials at Teachers pay Teachers!

How to use Free Writing Prompts for Classrooms

If you run out of ideas for your students to create stories around, just print out this PDF file of writing prompts for your students to choose from. You can also give each student a copy to choose at least five prompts to complete their writing portfolio as an assignment. The topics covered in these writing prompts are diverse to appeal to girls, boys, and different hobbies and interests. Try it out with your students. Get this 8-page template here for free from my tpt collection.

For more writing tips for students, check out this post about the writing process using the Writer’s Toolbox.

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