Collective Nouns for Animals, Persons and Things


Here are some collective noun matching cards that are played like dominoes. Most of the collective nouns in each list below are found in the card sets above. The entire card set has eighty illustrated collective nouns. They can be played as a whole set or in three separate categories; animals, persons or things. Each set is also available separately at TpT. Click on each picture below to view an  individual set in one category or click on the picture above to see the complete bundled set which will give you an automatic discount of $1.00 off.

collective nouns people Animal collective nouns list

collective nouns things list

Get the PDF of Collective Nouns lists for free from my TpT store!

A herd of cattle

*New Additions*

Now available – Collective Nouns posters and worksheets – These are also highly visual. I used lots of clip art and integrated it with my farm theme and community workers theme. You can use it with your theme units as well. You can download a sample of the actual posters and worksheets straight from my TpT store and when you get there, just click on the Download Preview button. Here are preview pictures below:

Collective-Nouns-Parts-of-speech Collective-Nouns-printables-posters Collective-Nouns-printables-posters

Collective-Nouns-Worksheets Collective-Nouns-Worksheets-jobs

Also avilable: Collective Noun Memory Game Flash Cards

Collective Nouns for Animals, Persons and Things 1

Collective Nouns for Animals, Persons and Things 3 Collective Nouns Persons Memory Game Flash Cards

Collective Nouns for Animals, Persons and Things 5

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