Teacher Appreciation Week – Gift Ideas

I saw the most beautiful teacher’s gift idea on Pinterest. It looks like a tiered diaper cake but instead of the diapers, it’s packed with useful, colorful, classroom stationery. There are notebooks, crayola crayons, glue sticks, index cards, and markers! I’ll tell you this though, if I would ever receive such a gift, I would treasure it for weeks before I actually use it because it’s just so beautiful!

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

Ooh la la! I’d love to have this! Chocolate, cookies and Teaching Joke-Books. If you are short on time and need a ready-made teacher gift, then this would be perfect for you. I saw it on amazon.

Here are other teacher gift baskets that caught my eye from Gift Basket Village by Great Arrivals Gift Baskets

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

World’s Best Teacher gift basket


Teacher Appreciation Gift Basket

Teachers-Appreciation-Week-Gift-Ideas-world's best teacher

#1 Teacher, Gift Basket

Below are cute notebooks for teachers.


Bee Themed Teacher Notebook          Cactus themed Teacher Notebook

Owl themed Teacher Notebook


Teacher mug…

Every teacher would want her students to appreciate her. This book will enlighten little minds.

This book of teaching quotes is for teachers.

You may also be interested in these Teacher Appreciation Thank You Cards

Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas
Image by write-stuff.com

The nice folks at write-stuff.com made the one you see above and you can download their easy instruction manual to make one yourself.

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Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

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