Homophones – Word Wall for Visual Learners



For the past year I have been busy finding ways to make everything (that I teach) as visual as possible. It is working well in my classroom especially for differentiating between homophone pairs. With the homophone word wall cards in the picture above, I included an illustration to go along with each homophone right on each card next to each corresponding word. This is really helpful to weaker students who may not be able to just grab a dictionary, find the homophone and read the definition to grasp the meaning of the word. Picture recognition will instantly give the reader a sense of the meaning of the word and the pictures also help to keep the students’ attention longer than just the words alone. Digital pdf copies of these cards are available for purchase at my TpT Store. It contains a total of 47 word wall cards with pairs of homophones (some triplets too), a homophone definition poster in the form of a graphic organizer, and a large ‘definition of a homophone’ sentence strip. There is also a preview file that you can download to see exactly what you’re getting.


After downloading the file, you can print and laminate the pages then cut out the word cards. Because there are so many cards, you do not have to introduce them all at the same time to your class. You can rotate a new batch of cards each week or as often as your students need. The reading level of these cards range from second grade to fifth grade so you can separate them according to reading level among grouped readers as well. I really hope you give it a try!

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