Polygon Word Wall, Books, and Resources

math word wall bulletin board

This is an illustrated word wall of polygons with a definition sentence strip. Students can count the sides or corners of each shape to deduce the meanings of each polygon word. The polygon prefixes can also be studied and linked to the number sides, for example, the prefix ‘tri-‘ means three, therefore the three-sided or three-angled polygon is called the triangle.  


This book, The Greedy Triangle, introduces polygons and their properties starting from the simplest one, the triangle. In this story, the triangle was unhappy about only having three sides so he added a fourth to become a square,  then a fifth to become a pentagon and so on… Let’s just say that as he underwent each change, he learned about each shape’s properties and learned to appreciate his own. See other polygon books here.

I created a set of activities for polygons that you can check out. It is available here at my TpT store.