Simple Machines – Levers – Activities for the Three Classes of Levers


Are you teaching about Simple Machines? Levers are best to start off with because the effort, load and fulcrum are easiest to identify in a lever system.

I created a series of activities for students to identify the effort load and fulcrum in many tools that are found in the home. Also, levers are classified as being either a first class lever, a second class lever or a third class lever.

Real-world examples of levers are also included as labelled pictures, e.g. a pair of scissors is a first class lever, a wheel barrow is a second class lever, and a pair of tweezers is a third class lever.

I have included a fun sorting activity for students to slide the pictures of tools into the correct pocket to show the class of levers to which each tool belongs. There are also posters and graphic organizers for easy visual recognition and recall.

It is available at teacherspayteachers.

You may also be interested in my Simple Machines Unit Plan.

Have fun! More ideas will be added soon.