Cinderella, Cinder Elly and Prince Cinders – New Spins on a Classic Tale

Cinderella Books Story reteelings Nrew Spins in a Classic Tale

Every child knows about Cinderella. Who doesn’t love a rags-to-riches story? A lot of authors are putting their own creative spin on this classic tale – I think that these versions are even better than the original and they are not predictable at all. My daughter loves ‘Prince Cinders’ because in this version, the fairy comes to the Prince’s rescue! They really are different and that’s what makes them so appealing.

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  1. Mrs. Wilson

    Thanks for sharing!I see some I need to add to my collection. I read, or have groups of students read, several of these, as well a 'Smoky Mountain Rose, Egyptian Cinderella, Persian Cinderella, Korean Cinderella, Rough Face Girl and Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters. Then we compare/contrast, explain how setting changes the plot, etc.

  2. Sara B

    I just purchased Chickerella by Mary Jane Auch. It's adorable. I'm sure I have another version or 2 at school, I just can't think of them right now. I love reading the different versions of fairy tales to my darlings. Fractured fairy tales are also real hits with my kids.

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