Do Teachers have a ‘Look’?

Do Teachers have a 'Look'? 1

I had an interesting experience once while I was traveling on the road. I hired a car. The driver could tell that I was very busy and in a hurry but he was the chatty type. He asked me about  where  I was going so I quickly gave him the directions (which were probably too detailed). To which he replied ‘You have to be a teacher’. I just thought ‘Who is this man? How does he know that? Is he a… stalker or something?’ He seemed to read my mind and explained that only teachers give him clear directions. I laughed with relief.

Anywhere I go, someone would say to me ‘You’re a teacher…?’ It would be said as if it were a statement and not a question (because the curious enquirer is so sure!)

What is it that gives me away? I do not know. Some would say ‘Oh, you just look like a teacher’ or ‘You sound like a teacher’. I often wonder if this happens to other teachers. The funny thing is that it happens more frequently during the Summer when I’m dressed casually because school is out.

Have you ever been spotted like that?

Do Teachers have a 'Look'? 3

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  1. Beth

    First of all, I love that purse!

    My friends tease me about my teacherish ways. Once, we were in a movie theatre and the film broke. I directed my friends to the closest exit, and they laughed and said, "only a Kindergarten teacher".


  2. Teacher Nyla

    Thanks for the comments ladies! I love that our experiences are so similar. And thank you for the feature Renee!

  3. Mrs. Mathis' Homeroom

    I found your post on Pinterest on Friday. It happens to me all the time too! I don't get it! I actually have a scheduled blog post (for Wednesday) about it as well and now, I've included a backlink to this post! ;) LOL

    Mrs. Mathis’ Homeroom

  4. Tapple

    I'm teacher from Belgium and I too get recognised from time to time. I'm only teaching for three years but they say my clothes and attitude reveal me. Nice to know it's a common thing :)

  5. Ms.M from Teachingisagift

    I get called out on being a teacher all the time! Last night at Costco the woman who was working the cash told me I must be a teacher because I was so very polite and no one ever thanks her for doing her job except teachers. Another person told me I sound like a teacher (yes, I DO have the scary teacher voice) and I guess I look like a teacher. When we go to our favourite burger place they say they can tell I am a teacher. The place where I get my coffee writes "teacher" on the side of my drink each day! I take it as a compliment! I am proud to be a teacher in a day and age where we are constantly being vilified in the press and media.

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