Measurement Task Cards for cm and mm – metric unit activities


I had so much fum making these linear measurement task cards! They will make a great leaning station for your students to practice measuring small everyday objects in cm and mm. The set includes a free illustrated tutorial about measuring with a metric ruler.

Measurement Task Cards


There are a total of 24 task cards, each with a picture of a familiar object and a guide line for them to place their ruler to take the measurements. Your students can measure each object directly from the card because they are drawn to scale, and fill in the blanks to complete each statement.

Measurement Task Cards for cm and mm

Bonus: A printing guide, an answer key and printable rulers are also included! 


These task cards are available at TeacherspayTeachers. Just click on the pictures to see more…


You may also be interested in my Measurement Task Cards for Inches and my Area and Perimeter Unit Plan. If you need printable rulers only, you can find some here.

Measurement Task Cards for cm and mm - metric unit activities 1