How to sell your own digital teaching materials

How to sell worksheets and printables

Many teachers are asking the same question: How do I create and sell my own teaching materials? Of course, they already have their own lesson plans that they created but what they are really asking is: How do I make it work for another teacher? How do I market it? Which internet platform should I use? There are many answers to these questions and many options available. Here’s what you will need:

You will need an internet host like Teachers pay Teachers, I recommend this site because it is the most user friendly (but there are others out there that are also very good). I first started off with TpT in March 2011. The first file that you upload onto their site must be free. You can add a price to the bigger files. I use Microsoft Word, Power Point and Publisher to make different types of files. Don’t over think things when you are creating something and never rush it. Just use what works for your students. Let them be your inspiration. The site has a forum for sellers that is very very helpful. All of my questions has always been answered there and everyone in that community is very supportive. When you are joining the site, join as a basic seller and after a few months when you get the hang of things you can upgrade to being a premium seller.

You will need to create a logo. Here’s a post I did about how I created mine. You will also need to find clip art for your products. There are many sellers on the site that make clip art. I strongly recommend that you use that option. This is a blog post I wrote about where to find free clip art on the web for classroom use. Some of those sites will let you use it for commercial purposes, you will have to check their Terms of Use first.

When I first started, I was doing OK, then I met someone in the seller’s forum Charity Preston, who was just starting her blogging tutorials. I signed up for her Teaching Blog Traffic School course and it has really helped me with the marketing aspect of things. Marketing is just as important as creating. Here’s a link to more of what I think of it and how it has helped me.

That’s about it (for the basics). I hope that this information will be helpful to you and I will be adding more information to this post on a regular basis so you can always check back for updates!

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