Recycling Packaging Material to make 3D Shapes


Ooh! Can you believe that you can make these yourself? Well, most of them. All you need is packaging material like the spongy polymer type as seen above, a craft knife, and a steady hand. If you’re a hoarder like me, you can always save anything that is soft, cut-able, yet durable to cut into cuboids, cubes or prisms because you only need straight line cuts for those. For the cylinders, I cut off sections from the ends of my pool noodles. What? A pool noodle does not have to be so long…

As for the spheres, those are the only ones I bought, I got them at a craft store. They sell them to be used to create bouquets, pin cushions and other crafty stuff. I also saw Styrofoam cones too but they were too large. Anyway, it was a fun experience to discover ways of recycling to make solids and they are really quiet to handle in the classroom. That’s an added perk. So I encourage you to try it sometime!

Recycling Packaging Material to make 3D Shapes 1

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  1. Sra. Carro

    Love this idea! What a great way to make use of a hard-to-recycle material. Thanks for sharing, Nyla!

    Have a great year!
    FlapJack Educational Resources Blog

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