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Looking for a visual display of synonyms? This is an illustrated Synonym Word Wall set which contains sixty pairs of synonyms on large word cards and a large definition sentence strip. Each word card also has corresponding pictures that I have carefully selected to portray the meaning of each word. A black and white version is also included for you to print on colored sheets of paper.

Synonym Word Wall with Pictures 3Each page (legal sized) holds three word cards. Your students can study three word sets each week using a color coding system; just print each page of the black and white version on a different colored paper and you can let them focus on a new color each week or more sets of words if you wish.

Here is the complete synonym list in the order that they appear.

Set 1 for grades 2 to 3:

Object/thing, observe/watch, angry/mad, assist/help, begin/start, bad/awful, below/under, bother/annoy, buy/purchase, close/shut, connect/join, combine/mix, easy/simple, equal/same, smart/intelligent, law/rule, lucky/fortunate, calm/peaceful, name/title, silent/quiet, rescue/save, trash/garbage, raise/lift, unusual/strange.

Set 2 for grades 3, 4 and over:

Synonyms-Word-WallAccomplish/Achieve, answer/reply, artificial/man made, bargain/deal, choose/select, collect/gather, complete/finish, danger/hazard, empty/vacant, faithful/loyal, genuine/real, job/occupation, last/final, value/worth, order/sequence, reliable/dependable, brief/concise, casual/informal, clear/transparent, country/nation, enlarge/magnify, previous/former, instructions/directions, float/drift, hurry/rush, many/numerous, praise/compliment, dive/plunge, inspect/examine, necessary/required, beg/implore, amiable/friendly, gallant/brave, annul/cancel, abandon/forsake, sad/melancholy.


These cards seen right above are a few from Set 1. The entire set is available for purchase here at my TpT Store. I’d love for you to check it out!

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