Washi Tape Classroom Decorative Ideas for Back-to-School

Washi Tape Classroom Decorative Ideas for Back-to-School

Washi tape can be used for line borders of different sizes and colors for around classroom windows, bulletin board display areas, library shelves and white boards. You can put washi tape on anything, even for smaller projects like customizing classroom stationery – binders, folders, pen holders, etc. Washi tape is better than adhesive decorative paper rolls because it is made from Japanese rice paper (which gives it that extra thickness and durability) and it peels off easily without leaving any residue behind.

I am ordering some washi tape rolls to start a new chevron theme in my classroom. I love zigzag chevron pattern because it looks so crisp! I also like tiny polka dots but I think that for me, it would be best to stick to one pattern. I love to find awesome classroom decor ideas. As an Amazon affiliate, I may earn a commision for purchases using my links. Learn more.

Here are different colors and styles that are available:


It can also be used for color-coded labeling, graphing up weekly timetables and for time-stamping items.

Get instant Days of the week headers with washi tape Date labeling washi tape for classroom use

These below are specifically suited for classroom use and are so cute!

A B C washi tape for classroom use Fall themed washi tape for classroom use metric rule washi tape

I’m just sharing a few of the ideas I saw on Pinterest, and two of my own, below:

Reusing containers with a washi tape makeover


For more colored tape classroom ideas, check out this new blog post about all the things a teacher can do with colored tape.

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  1. Anna Lynn

    I just saw a bunch of cute patterns of Washi tape at Walmart yesterday, made by Scotch.

  2. Teacher Nyla

    Hi Lisa, there's http://www.downtowntape.com/ which has a very extensive range and all of the colors you see in the blog post above are available at amazon.com. Just click on the images. – Nyla.

  3. Unknown

    Where did you order your washi tape from?

  4. Holly C.

    I am thinking of using it to section off my whiteboard. It shouldn't leave a residue and be easy to change when needed.

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