Free Verb Tense Poster Puzzles – From Past to Future Tense and Participles


Use these free puzzle strips as posters or a sorting activity for verb tense. For the activity, keep the first strip intact and let the students use it as a guide so that they will order their cards in the same order as the titles on the header strip below.


This free set has eight strips and they are already placed in order as they are printed here.

verb-tense-puzzles present past and future tense

Here’s another activity:

If you are just introducing your students to the topic, it would be a practical idea to first group the past tense and the past participle cards as one category called ‘Past’. Group the present Tense and the present participle as Present. And the future tense cards can be in its own group ‘Future’. Now each group can be examined and further separated e.g. look at these two ‘Past Cards’ on the left. Ask the students to spot the differences. Do this with other ‘Past cards’. This will help them to learn that one card has ‘Past Tense’ verbs and the other has ‘Past Participle’. This method can also be used with the ‘Present’ cards.

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