Base 10 Blocks can do so much!


A few years ago, I was introduced to Base 10 Blocks and until I used them, I never knew that Base 10 Blocks can do so much! If you do not have Base 10 blocks (other known as Dienes Blocks), I have for you the next best thing! It’s place value clip art that you can print and laminate ‘as is’ to use as hands-on manipulatives when teaching about place value.

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Each block has special name and value:


Units – Each of these single digit blocks represents 1 unit

Rods or tens – Each represents 10 units

Flats or hundreds – Each represents 100 units

Cubes or Thousands – Each represents 1000 units

The most economical way you can use this is to print the black and white version (to save ink) and photocopy it onto sets of colored paper. Laminate and cut out each color group and put each group into a different container. Divide your students in to groups for center work and give each group a place value kit! See the pictures below… and click on them to see more sample pictures of my three dollar Place Value Clip Art set which also includes a Word doc with the black and white clip art already inserted for you to print on colored paper (as seen below) or to make your worksheets.

Base-10-Blocks-Place-Value-Printables-template    Base-10-Block-Place-Value-Printables

I printed the base 10 block templates onto blue paper, then cut out each block. Then I put each block into a laminating pouch and ran it through my laminator. Finally, I cut the blocks out. They were so firm!


Other ways to Base 10 Block printables:

  • Students can write on these to fill in each square with the numerals e.g. fill out the ‘flat’ (hundred block) with the numbers 1 – 100 like a hundreds chart.
  • You customize your worksheets with them.
  • Use them to teach decimals conceptually. With this, the names and values would change.
  • Use any of the large colorful versions in a place value bulletin board display.

Base 10 Blocks can do so much!

Base 10 Blocks can do so much! 1

Base 10 Blocks can do so much! 3