Fraction Dominoes

Fraction Dominoes matching card game for equivalent fractions

Have you ever seen Fractions Dominoes? It is played like regular dominoes but you match the numeral fraction to its corresponding pictorial fraction instead. This game is perfect for enriching fraction lessons and is great as an activity on its own. It has 54 fraction domino cards with 3 doubles and three blanks included. For higher grades, equivalent fractions can be matched. Instructions for playing and a game modification for advanced students are included. You can get it here at my TpT collection.

Fraction Dominoes 1

When I was designing it on the computer, I was aiming for about 30 to 36 cards. But then, I became focused on having as many fraction designs as I could create.

However, it was only when I was finished printing that I realized that I made too many cards – at least more that I initially planned to do. But I figure that the extra cards could’t hurt. Sometimes, I shuffle the deck and divide it among separate groups to play.  

Click here to get these from my TPT Store ( as a Ms Word Doc)! It’s also available as a pdf here.

Happy teaching!

Fraction Dominoes 3