Free Red and Blue lined handwriting Paper Printable


At the start of each week, I usually give my class a new list of words for them to learn and spell for me by the end of the week. I needed a large template of handwriting lines that I could write our weekly spelling words on. I decided to make it by printing and laminating each sheet, then cutting and taping them up to suit the layout I had in mind. For an easy list of words, I give them twelve words and if I include some challenging words in the list, I reduce the amount to ten.

I really needed my students to have the list of words to be constantly on display so that they would be seeing the words all week long! For me, writing on the laminated sheets and like writing on a whiteboard so I just wipe it clean and write again. Download your Free Red and Blue lined handwriting Paper Printable from my TpT collection! Use it for:

  • word walls
  • handwriting practice
  • large sentence strips
  • desktop name plates for students
  • labels for charts, posters and work station areas.

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Thank you for stopping by and… happy teaching!

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