Latin Roots – Illustrated Definitions and Examples for CCSS L.4.4b, L.5.4b

Latin Roots - Illustrated Definitions and Examples for CCSS L.4.4b, L.5.4b

Use these Illustrated Latin Root cards to keep your students engaged in fun activities that reinforce the definition of each Latin root with examples and definitions of words that take on the meaning of the roots that they contain. Instructions are included for two games your students can play with these cards; the ‘Say It, Keep Itgame and the ‘Root Buzz game.


Thirty-two of the most commonly used Latin roots are used in these cards. They are: ambi, aqua, aud, bene, cent, circum, contra, counter, dict, duc/duct, fac, form, fort, fract, ject, jud, mal, mater, mit, mort, multi, pater, port, rupt, scrib/scribe, sec/sect, sent, spec, struct, vid/vis, and voc.

Latin Roots - Words and Pictures - Dictionary Cards

Click here to see a free sample of the cards…the preview button.

These cards are created in two different sizes. The original set has 8 cards per page and the larger set has 2 cards per page. The small set will save you ink and paper but many teachers have indicated to me that they preferred to have a larger set to make a bulletin board display. So, that’s why I added the larger version.

A storage box template is also included for these cards and you can get all of this at Nyla’s Crafty Teaching, TpT.

Aligned to Common Core Standards (CCSS): L.4.4b and L.5.4b

I have a set for Greek Roots too!

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