Free Puzzle Maker with Answer Keys

Free Puzzle Maker with Answer Keys 1

If you search the web constantly for a free puzzle maker that generates answer keys for you and gives you a variety of puzzle types to chose, I’m recommending what I have been using for years. It’s a free puzzle generation tool called Puzzlemaker, created by Discovery Education.

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Free Puzzle Maker with Answer Keys 3

You can use it to make word search and criss-cross (cross-word) puzzles, math squares, mazes, cryptograms and number blocks. You will have the options of printing out your puzzle straight from the webpage or you can choose the format that lets you copy and paste it into Ms Word so that it can be inserted into your own worksheet format. This will allow you to change up the size of the font and add images or special instructions for your students. 

I use it mainly for creating crossword puzzles for vocabulary and word search puzzles to match my weekly spelling word lists. So give it a try. The automatic creation of answer keys are the best part.

Free Puzzle Maker with Answer Keys 5