Printables versus Factory-made Classroom Manipulatives

Using Printable Manipulatives versus Factory-made ones

I love to have my students learn new things in a most hands on way. This of course often requires bulky manipulatives that take up a lot of precious space. That’s why I try to have printable version of hands-on manipulatives that are just as effective as a factory made plastic one. The added bonus to the printables is that they are flat and can be stored away in a folder so that I don’t have to compromise on space. I just laminate them for durability.

This inspired my to make these printable inchworm rulers for introducing the inch. Well, it’s more than rulers. It’s a measurement task card set which includes a tutorial about measuring with an inchworm ruler. A sheet of printable rulers are included for you to laminate and cut out for your students. You can click here to see the complete listing of what you get with this download. It is available at my TpT store and I’d love for you to check it out!

Isn’t it addictive for you, once you start using printable manipulatives? I’m an addict for sure! But I try to have balance by exposing my students to a bit of everything: real objects, field trips, and videos too.  I like that these options are ‘easy on my pocket’. So if a printable version is way cheaper than a brand-name item, I’d take the printable! …How about you?

Printables versus Factory-made Classroom Manipulatives 1