Easy Nativity Craft for Kids

Nativity Craft for Kids

This is a Nativity paper craft I did with my students on Friday.  I first read the story This Is the Stable by Cynthia Cotten to them, then we got into the craft. I cut up a large folded sheet of brown paper using a guillotine (it was super fast) to make the hay bedding for Baby Jesus. I also punched out in advance the big five-point stars with a star puncher, and the circle stars with a regular hole punch. This one above was my demo one that I did in front of them as we began. They had some difficulty tying the stings at the top but for the rest of it, they did theirs quite well. What do you think?

Here’s another one. My son made it for me at his school. By the time he brought it home, the angels’s eyes fell off… but I love it!

I’ve been hanging candy canes on our Christmas tree at home. They make really cute ornaments, especially with extra designs added to them. I plan to do these with my children over the weekend. I saw these craft kits on Amazon for making a Nativity Scene, candy cane ornaments and fridge magnet posters.