Valentine’s Day Hearts and Cards

Valentine's Day activity for Compound words

I used the Valentine’s hearts wherever I could this week.

Compound words - Valentine's hearts Compound words activities

I made it my students’ mission not to leave these compound words all heartbroken. My zigzag scissors really came in handy.

Compound words game

Compound words Valentine's activity

These are the cards we made. Our school ordered dozens of these heart shaped lollipops so I had to rack my brain for days to come up with something cute. So here it is – ‘A sweet heart for my sweetheart’.

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Valentine's Day Cards with sweetheart lollipop              Valentine's Day Cards with sweetheart lollipop

This blue one above was my demo card. For some students I help them write up theirs. Each small group was given blank cards with the holes cut out to insert the lollipop, heart shape cut-outs, and lollipops.

Valentine's Day Cards with lollipop        Valentine's Day Cards pink

Valentine's Day Cards with sweetheart lollipop        Valentine's Day heart Bookmarks

We made bookmarks too.

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I created this Valentine’s Day Joke Book. It’s a funny book that kids will enjoy reading.

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Valentine's Day Hearts and Cards 1

You can make quick and easy Valentine’s Day favors using emoji balls or any other party favors that your students like. Bag them up with ribbon and a tag and they will look beautiful!

Valentine's Day Hearts and Cards 3

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day Hearts and Cards 5