How to Introduce Fractions

How to Introduce Fractions

This is a guide for how to introduce fractions to students. Fractions are fun and easy to teach once you teach it conceptually. I have a little basket of goods that I cut up into halves for my students to see the real life use of ‘a half’. I use fruits and it’s a messy activity. Anyway, I recently found an alternative to the real fruit that was surprisingly just as effective… a fruit cutting set found at a toy store.

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How to Introduce Fractions using 3D manipulatives

Use 3D friut toys: The plastic fruit pieces are quite small (made for tiny hands) but that’s alright. It included a plastic knife and cutting board. It was too cute not to share…

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How to Introduce Fractions using 2D manipulatives

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Make your own fraction cutouts: I made these fraction cutouts as a large fraction model to help me teach and ‘halves’ to my students. See more on it and other fraction resources that are good for introducing fractions here or by clicking on the picture above.

fraction fruit cards

Use fraction fruit cutouts: I found some magnetic fraction fruit cards (on Amazon) that you can use to teach about unit fractions. All of the food pieces are divided into unit fraction slices.

How to Teach Fractions on a Number Line

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Make a fraction number line on the floor: Use colorful tape and carpet spot markers to create fraction numberlines on your carpeted floor. A third grade teacher created color coded fraction number lines in the picture above. The side with the green tape was divided into quarters, the red line was divided into thirds, the blue line was in halves, the orange was in sixths, and the yellow was in eighths.

More ideas for how to introduce fractions will be added soon.

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