Schedule Cards for Classrooms

Schedule Cards for Classrooms

Creating classroom schedule cards for a schedule chart display bulletin board is a great way to help students and teachers stay organized. You can display these daily schedule cards for classrooms. Some show the major times of the day: Arrival, Assembly, Breakfast, Recess, Lunch, Snack, and Dismissal, and other types of schedule cards show the different subjects. It includes blanck clock faces for you to post the starting time for each session. The schedule cards can be placed on walls, whiteboards, pocket charts or display bulletin boards boards.

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Schedule Cards with Clocks

Tips for using the Schedule Cards for Classrooms

  • You can laminate the cards for durability, and use adhesive Velcro dots to easily add and remove cards. These Velcro on Felt Bulletin Boards are one of the ways I do my classroom displays.
  • The clocks faces are blank for you to draw the clock hands and write in the digital time below each clock.
  • I would recommend hanging a classroom wall clock above your classroom schedule display for students to measure and estimate how long it would take for the time to pass until the next session. This helps to build their time sense. See more in this blog post about classroom clacks.
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Schedule Cards for Classrooms with subjects and classroom centers

Subject Schedule cards for subjects and centers chevronSchedule cards for subjects and centers polka dotSchedule cards for subjects and centers wild animal
Subject Schedule Cards

The list of subjects and classroom center headings that are in the schedule cards are: Phonics, Math, Science, Social Studies, Art, Writing, Spelling, E.L.A., P.E., Word Work, Vocabulary, Literature, D.E.A.R., Read Aloud, Guided Reading, Calendar, Spanish, French, Poetry, Character Education, Language Arts, Morning Meeting, Handwriting, Music, Dance, Drama, Testing, Nap Time, Literacty, Centers, Choice Time, Math Centers, Workstations, Computers, Centres, and Reading.

The schedule cards for subjects and classroom centers are available in these themes: wild animal theme, polka dot theme, and chevron theme.

Schedule Cards for Classrooms By Theme

These are the themes available for the printable schedule cards: polka dot, chevron, and animal print. The polka dot and chevron ones are very colorful and you can use them with a rainbow theme or bright colors theme. The animal print one would match a jungle theme, safari theme, or wild animal theme. If you have a black and white theme, you can print the chevron or polka dot one in grayscale.

Schedule Cards for Classrooms for times of the day

Schedule Cards with Clocks

These schedule cards show the standard times of the day for any class: Arrival, Assembly, Breakfast, Recess, Lunch, Snack, and Dismissal. I used a felt board set with Velcro hooks to display these schedule cards in my classroom. These are the version they come in: polka dot, chevron, and animal print.

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Schedule Cards for Special Area Teachers

Schedule cards for special area subject teachers

Teachers who teach one specialized subject, would have their own classrooms for different classes of students to come in at different times of the day. These teachers would need special area schedule cards to show when each class would be present for their sessions. I created this set of schedule cards just for teachers who teach classes for different grade levels and classes groups.

Schedule Cards for Classrooms 1

Blank cards are also included for each schedule card sets so that you to personalize them for your unique needs. All of the schedule cards for classrooms are available here at Nyla’s Crafty Teaching, TpT.

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