How to Make a Food Web – A Complete Guide


I made a food web building kit which sequentially builds the creation of food webs from food chains. It is a 10 page illustrated step by step tutorial with food chain-making worksheets and answer keys. It also has activity sets for making a safari food web, forest food web, garden food web, wetland food web, ocean food web, and Arctic food web.

Many students do not understand food webs and they tend to have a few misconceptions about them. They may write each organism more than once because in their minds, there are two things that an organism cannot do:

1. An organism cannot eat an be eaten at the same time. (False)

2. An organism cannot be eaten then live to eat another because it is dead. (False)

Therefore, these students may think that they have to draw a replacement organism to replace the ‘dead’ one.

To prevent this, it is necessary to first, to get them to see that each organism in the food chain or food web, represents all the other organisms of its kind in the habitat.


It has arrows and poster labels for each food web habitat.

Food-chain-worksheets Food-web-poster-example

habitat-organisms Food-web-tutorial



How to Make a Food Web - A Complete Guide 1