April Fools’ Day Worksheets

April Fools' Day Activities

April Fools’ Day Worksheets: Just in time for April Fools’ Day, these worksheets are based on factual information about April Fools’ history and traditional practices. It has supporting fun activities as well as reading and writing material that is suitable for grade 3, grade 4 and Grade 5. To read more about what’s included here, see it here in my TpT collection. Every work page also has an answer key!

April Fools' Day Writing Worksheets April Fools Day Word Search

April Fools' Day printables - foldable

To go along with this, you can also use this free April Fools’ Day prank resource to trick your students into believing that the Earth is flat. It is created by Alyssha Swanson and you can download it for free from her TpT collection. This way, you’ll have both factual and silly activities for April Fools’ Day!

Also for April Fools’ Day, are these hilarious April Fools’ Day riddles that are in the form of bookmarks for your students. They are clean and illustrated for children. See them here!

You may like to add this April Fools Day Joke Book to your classroom library. I created it myself and I chose the best jokes that students would ‘get’. It is available only on Amazon. All of the jokes are clean and age appropriate for kids of ages 8 and over. See it here in paperback and here in Kindle. If you have Kindle Unlimited, then it is free on your Kindle app and your students can read it right away.