My Easter Break Plans

No, I don’t mean lesson plans. But I am just so tired that I plan to do nothing for a few days now that my Easter break will be starting from Monday. I was finished with the report books today. Yay! I’ll be giving them out on Friday. I am not sure about getting everything on my Easter vacation list done but here it is:

1. Rest and rejuvenation. Going to the beach.

2. Finding a new hairstyle. Any ideas?

3. Remove a wisdom tooth (surgically, Ahh!). I know I’m an adult but I’m afraid to go to the dentist (don’t tell my students). I keep putting this off. Let’s hope I don’t chicken out this time.

4. Listen to books 5 and 6 of the Outlander series. I think I can do that in two weeks… I have always been a book worm but now I only use Audible. What is Outlander? My #1 way to unwind. If you are curious about Audible, I highly recommend it. Check out this link: Try Audible and Get Two Free Audiobooks

5. Exercise! I badly need it. I like Zumba and aerobics. I just usually cannot find the time to fit them into my schedule.

6. Re-organize my clutter spaces (which is… everywhere).

7. Get buzy (during the second week). I have lots to do. So I’m giving myself just the first week to relax and the second week to do stuff because there’s always work to be done.

So there it is. It may not be spectacular but I sure can’t wait for the break!