Classroom Jobs Printable Cards

Classroom Jobs display

Classroom Jobs plus editable cards (44 cards). Classroom jobs can teach students about responsibility, teamwork, and the value of keeping things organised. Each job card has a little space for you to add the student’s name on it by sticking on a mini Post-It note (like these) with the name on it. The last set of cards are fully editable for you to add your own personalized labels.  These are very helpful for classroom management and there are many jobs so that each student gets a job to do.

Classroom Jobs printable

Because these cards are so numerous, they can fit perfectly into a spacious pocket chart like this one below:

Classroom Jobs Printable Cards 1

Classroom Jobs Printable Cards in Different Themes

These printable classroom job cards come in different styles to match the different classroom decor themes below.


These are jigsaw puzzle themed classroom job cards.


These are Glitter bordered classroom job cards.


These are Chevron theme classroom jobs bulletin board cards.

Classroom-Helpersclass jobs

These are my Polka dot theme classroom job cards.

classroom jobs black and whiteClassroom-helpers-door-holder

This is the Zebra striped animal print themed classroom job cards. They are great for a blavk and white theme or an animal print theme.

These sets are all printable and available at my TpT collection. Just click on the pictures above. Each file contains rectangular labels that are 9.5cm x 12.7cm each. They print on 8.5” x 11” (letter) sized paper with 4 cards per page.

Classroom Jobs Printable Cards 3
Classroom Jobs bulletin boards

You may also be interested in these classroom job bulletin boards that are available on Amazon. They are found in this blog post.

Classroom Jobs Printable Cards 5