Free Christmas Riddle Bookmarks!

Free Christmas Riddle Bookmarks! 1

Free Christmas Riddle Bookmarks! 3If you want to encourage your kids to read more, especially over the Christmas vacation, these hilariously funny bookmarks will get them interested, keep them in the spirit of the season … and also keep them laughing! Click on the picture to download it for free from TeacherspayTeachers.  After laminating, cut out the bookmarks, leave some space around the edges so that they aren’t cut directly along the edges. Use a hole puncher to punch out a hole at the top of each bookmark. Loop some ribbon through the holes.

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The cards are almost ready above. They are printed and folded. Now they just have to be glued flat and hole-punched at the tops. They already look very festive!

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You might like this Christmas joke book for your students. It has a few of the bookmark jokes, plus many more jokes. The quality of jokes in it are perfect for children and it’s full of Christmas themed illustrations. Gift it as a gift or make it a stocking filler. Add it to your classroom library. It is available on Amazon in a paperback and a Kindle versionIf you have Kindle Unlimited, then the e-book is free on your Kindle app and your kids can read it right away.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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