Compound Words

Compound Words Word Wall

Compound Words with pictures. These are word wall cards for Compound Words with matching pictures. I grouped them into 10 themes: Back to school, Spring, Summer, Food, Home, Miscellaneous, People, Sport, Fall/Autumn, and Winter. This set has a total of 105 examples of compound words! Each compound word card has a matching picture on it. Each card can be cut along the middles to be made into puzzles for a matching activity.

Compound Words word wall word wall Compound Words

Winter Compound Words

You may also be interested in these Compound Words Worksheets which are also based on different themes.

Compound Words Compound Words Worksheets

I love this because each theme set can go into your theme folders so you’ll have compound words review for every season.

*New puzzles* Created by season: Spring Compound Words and Summer Compound Words with pictures! More coming soon…




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