Synonym Matching Games

Synonym matching cards

Synonym Matching Games can be used to give your students practice in matching synonyms while having fun. You can use a synonym memory game in which you shuffle the synonym cards and use only the cards that have the synonyms that you want your students to have more practice with. I also like the ‘I have who has’ games. For a synonym ‘I have, who has…?’ game, it is better to have a picture next to each synonym word for visual learners to connect the words to real life and to make sense of new and unfamiliar words. I have both a Synonym Memory Game and and a Synonym ‘I have, who has…?‘ game at my TpT collection. Click on the pictures below to see more.

Synonym memory game

Synonym cards Synonym picture cards Synonym examples

These are some of the ‘I have who has’ cards below.

Synonym I have who has cards  Synonym I have who has card game I have who has synonyms

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