Leap Year Worksheets

Leap Day Worksheets

Printable Leap Day Worksheets

Leap Year Worksheets for the 29th of February are ready! These are no-prep worksheets with answer keys for your students to quickly get hopping into leap year activities which include leap day writing pages and math worksheets that are fun. On the last page are ‘Hoppy’ Leap Day bracelet templates. It is most ideal for Grade 3. Some of the activities are tiered so that advanced learners or even 4th Grade students can have some challenge and the not-so-advanced students can have fun while accomplishing simpler goals. This has a total of 17 pages and math worksheets have matching answer keys. I included really cute clip art of frogs from Educlips and I just love how everything turned out. It is available here at TpT.

leap day activities for school leap day frog theme worksheets

Leap day writing Leap day math

Have a ‘Hoppy’ Leap Day!


If you need something really entertaining for your kids to read, I think you’ll like my Leap Year Joke Book for Kids. It is available on Amazon.